[old post] Solving CTFs, practicing hacking and programming.

I'm decided to expand my skills on hacking (from website hacking to deep stuff as cryptography, and maybe one day i'll be good enough to know the magic behind shellcodes too) and programming, specially going away from my university path, where you have to solve stuff related to companies or software design.
I'm looking to sharpen my 'problem solving' mentality and be capable to find different ways to solve a challenge, since hacker is like that after that. So I joined a few websites, avatao.com (ctf), hackerrank (programming) and hackthissiste.org (ctf), did some exercises and looks fun.

I'll share my progress maybe on weekly posts (or daily idk :P) and post tips, howtos on solving the challenges and more information that i could find useful.

This is all because, last year, Intel and Deloitte made a CTF here in Costa Rica the final price was a ticket and money to attend DEFCON, it was fun, I solved some challenges about XSS and general programming that gave us good points, but it wasn't enough, our team got in the third place (out of the 6 ones that made it to the second stage) but as I said it before( and I've been telling this to myself since then) "If only I had known a lot more, we could have won".

Since such failure, I've been determined to learn and sharpen my skills, become a true 'hacker' and make my way into Information Security, I even got an interview for Intel's Security Operation Center BUT since I still have to do some more time in uni, well you know... they wanted someone already finishing :I (and we already know you don't even get taught security in the university :I ) but who cares, the only thing I change is myself, so time to put my shit together and improve.

--- Edit May 31 ---

So I've been learning a couple of things, registered in some ASM course, been learning a couple of things, did some other CTF that was hosted by Radware and CheckPoint and I think I have made some progress, my uni semester ends in 2 weeks so i just have to try harder, like OffSec says, and then i will have 2 months to learn anything as fulltime (I plan to finish the asm course, read stuff on reverse engineering and binary exploiting)

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