Chance Favors only the prepared mind... An update of my life :D

Some time ago I wrote how i felt defeated when i didn't win the Pwn3r, a ctf that Intel and Deloitte organized, I also wrote about learning more and working hard.

The truth is that I shitpost about what I will do, but actually i don't accomplish anything, or that's what i used to do. Times change, and people too, since the last year until probably, this semester, I felt that i was just wandering around, and thinking of the future (heh), but I didn't work a lot, not even on my university, I even had to repeat the Calculus course and take it during christmas time (here summer classes are from last week of November to the last one of June). And man, while I didn't hate it, i saw that i really had to work hard, or i would continue on that cycle of repeating every course until any year that i would stop giving a shit on my life.

And I did, this semester i decided to stop that, to grow a pair, get my shit together and start accomplishing what I dreamed some time ago, my semester started, the courses i took were: Linear Algebra, Discrete Structures and Programming (in C++), and so far I have worked hard on them, until today :D I know that i passed Discrete Structures, and I learned a lot with it, I have to take the Linear Algebra exam this Friday and we will see how it goes, but I'm studying really hard to get a good grade, on programming, I have learned a lot, we saw a bit(since its a big topic) of C++ Templates, file handling and more of linked lists, but with our weird professor, my grades are bad (none of the guys in my class have good grades (._. ) ). Anyway, the semester has finished, I only have one exam left and then i have to check my grades :D

For the next week, I'm highly motivated, I will be on vacations, so I already signed in several courses at Udemy to get better and learn more, check my plan:

I'm still on the ASM Course, that I deeply recommend for its quality, then I plan to take the RE and Exploit development one, the ASM one is quite long (29 hours), but the others go from 4 hours to 6-9 hours, So, with a good coffee, or tea, or whatever i can find, and in a nice environment, I think I can take one per day, taking notes and all (then I might post them here :D), I signed for the Intelligence Analyst one because i think this is a topic that goes in hand with Cyber Security Intelligence, If i start the next Monday, I could finish on Monday 26 :D It will be good i swear, what a nice and interesting week.

I didn't plan to take this the next week, I wanted to take like, one or two per week lol, and spend my vacations learning, but I have to hurry up, because... I... got... a... JOB :DDD WEEEEE :DDDD, on Invinsec, previously known as DeepRecce, as a 'Incident Handler', I'm not much into blue team stuff (because its harder to setup a lab to practice attacks) but this job made me rethink the positions i choose, and from now, I will be blue team all the way.

So... As you can see, I stopped talking and started doing, worked hard in my university, worked hard in my education (I consider what you do after uni more important) and you can see the results :D passed the courses, got a job and now I'm learning new things.

I think a I have a few pics related that sums up what the post says:

And from the great Arnie:

See you! I will update after I finish each course, and then I will update on June 28th, when I officially start working after signing the contract :D